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Welcome to Crochet Vision, your ultimate destination for all things crochet. Click here to explore our wide range of crochet patterns, finished items and more. Let your creativity flow and reconnect with the art of crochet.

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At Crochet Vision, we are passionate about bringing the joy of crochet to the world. Our founder, Sarah, has a vision of spreading the love for crochet through her handcrafted items and carefully curated patterns.

In 2020, She lost her 9-5 job due to the pandemic and had to think quick on her... hands. With her husband in the Coast Guard, her hands could go with her wherever they were sent. Her grandma taught her to Crochet at the age of 6 and was quickly able to adapt to the new challenges life threw at her and thus Crochet Vision was born. She fell in love with Craft Fairs and seeing people's reactions to her designs made it even more special. Now she, with the help of her dog Ruthie, hopes to share her Crochet Vision with you through her patterns and market tips and can't wait to see your Crochet Vision.

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